Gail Trauco’s Bio

Gail Trauco, R.N., BSN-OCN Patients Rights Advocate

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As a registered Oncology nurse, pharmaceutical trials expert, and licensed Grief Mediator, Gail Trauco has spent four decades helping patients navigate the sea of red tape in the American healthcare system. She is known for finding solutions when everyone else says there is no way. Her Medical Bill 911 online course and book are helping American consumers around the country get out of spiraling medical debt.  Trauco is also the author of 16 books including two children’s books series on grief (Emma meets the Grief Monster and Lulu’s Journey).  Learn more about Medical Bill 911 here.  

Based just outside Atlanta, Gail has gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for patient’s rights and for resolving some of the most difficult medical cases in the currently crippled healthcare industry. As a lifelong healthcare professional and frequent on-camera expert, she is equal parts Gloria Allred, Erin Brokovich, and Nancy Grace.

In 2015, though, she began to incorporate appearances on morning news television and talk shows nationwide into her advocacy work. By the end of 2019, Gail has appeared on more than 100-morning news and talk shows across the country including ABC, CBS, the CW, FOX, and NBC.  She is the host and Executive Producer for television’s Healthcare 911 —three- to six-minute segments that take a look at specific health conditions and related solutions. Healthcare 911, plus 47 other TV segments, can be watched on YouTube.

Because of her longtime association with leading hospitals, university medical programs, and health care providers, Gail is uniquely qualified to bring this information to viewers.  Trauco writes and oversees the production of all of these segments, which now reach as many as 145 million homes in 210 cities nationwide. Viewers can see Healthcare 911 on its weekly spot on The Daily Flash TV show. In 2019, Healthcare 911 won a Bronze Telly Award for Social Awareness, showing that it’s making a difference.  Gail’s award-winning video can be seen below.